18MR Launches Radiolab/NPR Petition

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Since Hyphen first posted Kao Kalia Yang's side of the story following Radiolab's Yellow Rain podcast, the issue has gone viral and prompted outcry and debate in the larger community.


In response, 18MR has launched a petition to address Radiolab’s culturally insensitive conduct and violation of NPR’s code of ethics.



The petition will send a message that “the lack of racial, ethnic and cultural sensitivity displayed in Radiolab of WNYC's Yellow Rain segment is unacceptable."

If you agree, please sign and share with your friends and loved ones -- and stand with the Yangs, the Hmong people, and the 18MR community to demand accountable and culturally respectful reporting in public media.


Many thanks to the Yang family for sharing their story, to Hyphen for giving these voices a platform, and to all involved for support of this effort.

Photo of Yellow Rain paj ntaub storycloth courtesy of Lee Pao Xiong, Director of the Center for Hmong Studies. With thanks to Kao Kalia Yang.