Pew Report & Asian American Political Power

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Pew Research Center recently released "The Rise of Asian Americans", a controversial report that said Asian Americans are the fastest-growing, most educated, highest earning, and overall most satisfied racial group. While Pew has been criticized for obscuring the challenges faced by a diverse community and reinforcing the dreaded Model Minority stereotype, the growing Asian American influence in deciding the 2012 elections has been a wake-up call for candidates and political parties who have largely ignored their vote. Asian Americans could be key in swing states like Nevada, Virginia, and Florida, due to the rapidly growing community and a significant proportion of undecided and independents up for grabs. While Asian Americans do lean Democrat and favored Obama by 60% in 2008, only 55% of Asian American citizens are registered to vote, and 47% turned out in the 2008 presidential election. Make sure our voice is heard: register to vote now (or bug your friends) and find out what you need to know about voting in your state here.