A black-haired person in a suit and tie sits at a conference table at VSU and APC's meeting with Chancellor Gene Block.

Thanks to you, things are moving forward at UCLA around the campaign to implement a diversity requirement. The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) provides an update on their meeting last week with Chancellor Block.

For those that signed the letter to UCLA, thank you again for joining 18MR, the Vietnamese Student Union (VSU), and the Asian Pacific Coalition (APC) at UCLA to take a stand against campus hate. Your letters made a difference!

From Roman Nguyen, President of the Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA:

Thank you for all your support, the letters really helped and opened the Academic Senate to look into the diversity requirement.

Overall, the VSU and the APC had a good meeting with Chancellor Block last Friday. They received the following commitments:

  • A follow-up meeting during the Spring 2013 Semester
  • Ongoing discussion to implement diversity programs
  • Exploring ways to reinstate the Asian American Studies Center's Leadership Development Coordinator
  • Look for ways to support student cultural organizations, with culture-focused shows as a means to promote diversity
  • A Diversity Summit, along with a student-faculty sustained dialogue on diversity</em>

  • Let’s continue to support the students at UCLA and help spread the word by sharing the petition link. You can also SHARE the petition on Facebook and TWEET the petition. We’ll keep you updated on the campaign and hope for another positive meeting – with your help – after the winter break!