be proud
for seizing the moment.

a moment born
from those
who passed on
before our birth.

a moment built
by communities
to continue
striving together.

a moment filled
with individuals
to challenge themselves
to do more.

every step taken
has mattered.

every choice
beyond your comfort
has had impact.

every action
the world you want to live in
has helped us
arrive at this moment.

when our voices
no longer relegated
to the margins.

when our people
have begun to realize
the collective power
we share.

when our vision
for who we are
in this nation
on the verge
of full bloom.

still, we have yet
to rise beyond
of the past
still present.

still, we have yet
to inspire everyone
to contribute
to the work
still necessary.

still, we have yet
to raise
the level
of conviction
to be relentless
and never still.

for as we celebrate
what we’ve achieved,
let us also be focused
on why we must
keep going.

we are called
to protect all
who are not safe.

we are called
to uplift all
who take action
on our behalf.

we are called
to engage all
who will doubt
on this work.

we are called
to inspire all
who will dream
on the future.

we are called
to strengthen all
who will carry us
on every day.

all of this
we are called to do.

our bodies
are no longer
a place
for harm.

our choices are free
to prosper.

our world
us all.

Beau Sia is a Tony Award winning poet and world-renowned performer, featured on HBOs Def Poetry and Def Poetry Jam On Broadway. He is the author of the poetry books A Night Without Armor II: The Revenge and The Undisputed Greatest Writer Of All Time. Beau currently lives in Los Angeles, where he is working on his forthcoming book, White Power.