It is finally May - and you know what that means - it’s time for another Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! This year is trying something new and we have a month jam-packed full of digital content and programming!

​We hope you will stay tuned on all our 18MR social media and follow along. Here is what we have up our sleeves:

The31 -

Every day for May, we will be featuring images of untold stories and hidden radical histories of Asian Pacific Americana. We will be sharing narratives of community leaders, moments in history and highlighting radical spaces and projects.

Yuri Kochiyama Postage Petition -

On May 2nd, 18MR will be relaunching our petition to get activist leader Yuri Kochiyama on a United States postage stamp! It would be a great way to commemorate her in honor of her birthday this month.

WeCrossedOceans Twitter Town Hall -

On May 6th at 3pm PST we will be hosting a twitter conversation talking about Asian immigration to the U.S. and highlight the narratives around deportation of SE Asians, featuring the Bangladeshi Feminist Collective, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center and more. ​

18MR x Tumblr -

On May 19th, will have a sponsored day for #APAHM over at Tumblr where we will continue to push out content on Asian Pacific Americana!

Love Letters to Movement Leaders -

18MR will continue our Love Letter series with weekly letters (Ai-jen Poo May 1, Jinsong Guo May 12, May 19, and May 27) to various movement leaders who are deserving of our love.

To follow all of our #APAHM content, please follow on the internets - our content will be distributed across multiple platforms:


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