• A square image with a beige background and Rajiv Mohabir's poem 'Muslim Ban' on it. The poem reads: '/moos·lIm ban/ (noun) when descendants/of genocidal settler terrorists/make brown and black bodies/illegal and participate/in traditional racism and profiling/in the name of anti-terror.' It also includes Rajiv's Twitter handle @rajivmohabir, #NoMuslmBanEver, and the logos for Kaya Press and 18MR

    #NoMuslimBanEver Micropoem Roundup

    Here are all 26 poems from Micropoems for #NoMuslimBanEver created by in partnership with Kaya Press. Read More

  • A child sits in front of a laptop computer with their arms raised in triumph. In the background is a collage of images depicting various trends in Asian American online popular culture and political organizing.

    Fighting (and Voting) for the Internet Asian Americans Know, Love, and Need

    From #OscarsSoWhite to #Asians4BlackLives, we're creating a thriving political and cultural Asian American community online. But we can't take an open, democratic internet for granted. Read More

  • Phil Yu, Jenny Yang, and others gather around a table to host an episode of Angry Asian America on ISATV, and hub of Asian American independent media content.

    What Opening the Set-Top Box Means for AAPI Representation

    AAPIs know all too well the limited opportunities that cable TV provides for nuanced and diverse representation. Unlocking the set-top box and integrating cable and streaming video programming could help us access more content that speaks to our identities and experiences, and provide a larger audience for AAPI content creators. Read More

  • Tina Fey, in a sleeveless white top and black skirt, and Amy Poehler, in a purple dress and blue necklace, grimace awkwardly as they stand on either side of Margaret Cho, dressed in a faux North Korean military uniform, wearing white pancake face makeup, leering into a microphone.

    The Meemao Monster

    My daughter pointed to the television set. She was fascinated by Margaret Cho. Maybe she recognized someone that looked a little like her mother? Maybe she recognized someone that sounded a little like her mother when my Hmong accent grew thick? My daughter turned to me. She pointed back at the television. She said, “Meemao”…monster. Read More

  • Mark Wahlberg, clean shaven and wearing a suit and tie, smiles as he is lit from the front against a black background. The photograph is of his shoulders and head, and he is in 3/4 profile.

    8 Things Mark Wahlberg Can Do To Atone For His Crimes

    I’ve read a lot of feedback over the past couple of days about our petition to Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to reject Mark Wahlberg’s pardon request. The most interesting feedback was the thought-provoking stuff: specifically, let’s assume, for sake of argument, that Wahlberg has changed in the past 25 years. If that’s true, what could Wahlberg do to earn our trust, blessing, and goodwill? Read More

  • A Sikh basketball player wearing a turban and an Indian national jersey mid-flight, towards the rim, with a basketball in hand.

    What's the Real Threat?

    The highlight for India’s citizens and fans at the Asia Cup this year has been India’s leading scorers, Amrit Pal Singh and Amjyot Singh, who are both turban-wearing Sikhs. They led their team in a win over China at the Asia Cup, a true upset, as China was ranked 12th in the world. In fact, Amjyot Singh’s exciting alley-oop dunk went viral on YouTube. He has been dubbed the 'Indian Kobe', credited for helping inspire the rapidly growing interest for basketball in a nation of 1.3 billion. Read More

  • A photo of an Asian man with a mustache and goatee, in a yellow t-shirt, holding a sign that reads 'MISS(ED) SAIGON' against a red background. His eyes are cut off in the image.

    War Before Memory: a Vietnamese American protest organizer's history against Miss Saigon

    Miss Saigon is a musical about Vietnamese women, who are all victims in need of rescue from the Third World. It is a musical about the inherent goodness of flawed white men. Vietnamese men are all abusive, sexist assholes who are so small they can't even expand to fit into two dimensions. Also, mixed race orphans will have it better in America but that goes without saying. The play is also, supposedly, about the Vietnam War. Read More