• PRESS ADVISORY: Coalition of Asian American organizations opposes FBI request to exempt NGI biometrics database from Privacy Act requirements, cites civil rights concerns

    The most marginalized members of our communities—non-citizens, Muslim Americans, LGBTQ Asian Americans—are most impacted by the FBI’s biometrics system. We need to be concerned about this issue and speak out for the millions it will impact. Read More

  • PRESS ADVISORY: (18MR) Relaunches, Thwarts Retaliation From Gap Inc.

    Despite Gap Inc.’s corporate bullying, 18MR has relaunched We are not interested in entertaining conversations about how Gap Inc. has been 'victimized' by a hoax designed to reveal their unjust labor practices. We want the corporation to answer for its treatment of the real victims: dead and injured workers supplying the very clothes that earn Gap Inc. billions of dollars a year. Read More

  • PRESS ADVISORY: (18MR) Targets Gap Inc. With Prank Raising Tough Questions About International Labor Abuses

    The facts are that Gap Inc. has made no move to sign the legally binding Bangladesh Accord, or to pay the compensation it owes for lives lost at Aswad despite ongoing international protest from garment industry workers and activists. Since 2005, over 1,800 workers have died in industrial accidents at Bangladeshi factories supplying western brands and retailers. Spouses have been widowed, children have been orphaned, and entire communities left impoverished and traumatized – all for the sake of profits. This is not about a hoax on the company, it’s about justice for the workers who make the company possible. Gap Inc. has refused so far to “do more” for the most vulnerable workers in its supply chain, so now we are demanding more. Read More

  • PRESS ADVISORY: (18MR) Pulls Hoax on Gap Inc., Corporation Responds by Shutting Down

    Gap Inc. has proven that it is more willing to villainize a small non-profit organization with a staff of only three than it is to step up to the plate and answer hard questions about the way the company treats the very people who sustain the business. Despite Gap Inc.’s efforts to silence the voices of workers and activists around the globe – of which 18MR is its most recent victim – the questions remain: Why has the company refused to compensate the families of injured and deceased factory workers? Why does the company continue to avoid signing the Bangladesh Accord – choosing instead to collaborate with Walmart, a corporation notorious for creating fronts for unregulated, false accountability? Read More

  • PRESS RELEASE: Launches #ElPaso37 Campaign to Release Punjabi Asylum Seekers, Joins Forces With Community Groups

    18MR partners up with United We Dream to kickoff a 3-day protest, during which community members, activists, and organizers from across the country will inundate ICE with phone calls expressing concern about and demanding the release of the #ElPaso37. 18MR is also partnering with the Jakara Movement to provide social media coverage for a caravan of young South Asian students who will drive from Northern California to El Paso, culminating in a protest outside the El Paso Immigration and Customs Enforcement Processing Center on Saturday, April 26, at 12:00 P.M. Central Time. Read More

  • A tag cloud with the word 'mom' in a variety of different languages.

    Thanks, Mom!

    With AAPI Heritage Month upon us and Mother's Day just around the corner, 18MR launches a new initiative: #TYMom (Thank You Mom) -- to express gratitude to and illustrate the importance of moms and families. Read More