#Reuse This Website

At 18MR.org, community is the core of all we do. We believe that in order to be in service to the community, we can’t restrictively own the content we produce–especially because much of our best content comes from members like you. We do this work not to gain glory or profit for ourselves, but to enrich social movements. We hope to be part of the fabric of your organizing world.

Therefore, instead of using a standard restrictive copyright policy, all original content posted here, and original content on action.18mr.org, posted to our social media accounts, and transmitted via email or other member communication tool, is fair game for you to reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, unless otherwise noted.

##What that means

You can use and redistribute content produced by 18MR.org on a couple simple conditions:

  1. You attribute the source. Usually that will mean 18MR.org, but sometimes contributing authors should be cited.
  2. You don’t use our content to turn a profit.
  3. You also release your redistributed content under a CC license.

##Creative Commons Site Elements

  • Mobile menu icons by David Pareja, via The Noun Project
  • Other icons are original