• An older Chinese American man in glasses, a brown blazer, and a hat stands beside his daughter, a wheelchair user wearing a blue jacket and a white sweater.

    My Dad: The Non-Voter

    During every election season you hear the same catchphrases about voting, 'Every vote counts; Exercise your rights!' The sad truth during this current presidential election is that many of these rights are at stake -- voter ID laws and greater restrictions on voting are threatening the very essence of democracy. However, all of these things didn't bother my dad. My dad is one of the millions of non-voters in the U.S. He never had an interest in voting or felt any need to become more engaged with civil society. This is why I am so amazed and delighted that he decided to register for the first time a few days ago. Read More

  • Jose Antonio Vargas, a Filipino American man in a blue shirt, sits behind a blue laptop. Behind him, there is a stylized stars-and-stripes burst background with images of newspaper headlines.

    Jose Antonio Vargas Urges Us to Get Engaged

    These are twin reasons why 18MillionRising.org should be a destination -- a welcome and necessary platform -- for the 18 million people who comprise the diverse, vibrant, and rising Asian and Pacific Islander community in America. Read More

  • An older Asian American woman in a magenta shirt and black pants stands in front of a concrete wall painted with what looks like a rainbow explosion of stars, creating a star out of negative space in the center.

    Blast Off!

    There are approximately 18 million APIAs in the U.S., representing nearly 6% of the total population and growing faster than any other racial group (!) Naturally there's been a lot of hubbub in the press lately about our growing numbers, cultural influence, and potential to shape the political landscape. But how to turn this potential into real power? Read More