• “A 14 year old Asian boy, David Phan, smiles into the camera. He has braces and wears a grey cap. He is outdoors with trees in the background.”

    Hyphen on David Phan and School Bullying

    The tragic suicide of 14-year-old Utah junior high school student David Phan has sparked community outrage -- and raised questions around the failure of school authorities to protect David from race and sexuality-based bullying. Read More

  • A black-haired person in a suit and tie sits at a conference table at VSU and APC's meeting with Chancellor Gene Block.

    UCLA Campaign Update from VSU & APC

    A positive update from VSU & APC on UCLA's campaign against campus hate! Read More

  • A graphic displays an image of a black-and-white photo of Inouye in military uniform, and an image of an older Inouye before the U.S. Congress. Text reads: September 7, 1924-December 17, 2012.

    Mahalo: Open Letter to Senator Daniel Inouye

    Join 18MR in saying Mahalo to Senator Inouye for his devoted service. Read More

  • A brown-skinned person writes on a pad of poster paper 'Workshop Titles.' Some of the entries on the list read: 'The Global Citizen,' 'Asian American OR American Asian,' and 'Defining American: The AAPI Narrative.'

    Rootscamp: What's (Y)our AAPI Story? #18MR

    18MR Director Samala recaps the (First!) Rootscamp AAPI Caucus. Read More

  • Randy Kim holds a blown-up voter registration form, surrounded by people doing voter outreach for KRCC with signs in English and Korean.

    KRCC's Randy Kim on engaging the Chicago Korean American community

    Randy Kim, Immigrant Rights Organizer for 18MR partner Korean American Resource Cultural Center (KRCC), shares successes and lessons learned from civically engaging the Chicago Korean American community. Read More

  • An elderly Sikh man and child are pictured holding one another closely, gazing at something off camera.

    Join the Oak Creek Sikh Community on 2 campaigns to #endhate

    Join the Oak Creek Sikh community on 2 campaigns to end hate! Read More

  • The iconic Sesame Street character Big Bird's face painted, mural-style, on a brick wall.

    You Mess with Big Bird, You Mess With A Nation of Immigrants

    Sesame Street was a staple of Grace Hwang Lynch's childhood. And her kids'. Public television programming like Sesame Street is both quintessentially American and crucial for low-income, immigrant families. Which is why Mitt Romney struck such a nerve. Read More

  • An older Chinese American man in glasses, a brown blazer, and a hat stands beside his daughter, a wheelchair user wearing a blue jacket and a white sweater.

    My Dad: The Non-Voter

    During every election season you hear the same catchphrases about voting, 'Every vote counts; Exercise your rights!' The sad truth during this current presidential election is that many of these rights are at stake -- voter ID laws and greater restrictions on voting are threatening the very essence of democracy. However, all of these things didn't bother my dad. My dad is one of the millions of non-voters in the U.S. He never had an interest in voting or felt any need to become more engaged with civil society. This is why I am so amazed and delighted that he decided to register for the first time a few days ago. Read More