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    Thanks, Mom!

    With AAPI Heritage Month upon us and Mother's Day just around the corner, 18MR launches a new initiative: #TYMom (Thank You Mom) -- to express gratitude to and illustrate the importance of moms and families. Read More

  • A young Asian American woman with a shoulder-length haircut gazes seriously and sadly at the camera.

    Through the Long Winter: A Look Back at Radiolab's Yellow Rain Controversy

    Six months after Radiolab's 'Yellow Rain' segment and resulting public outcry, Kao Kalia Yang shares her ongoing struggle for meaningful acknowledgement from NPR leadership. Read More

  • A Pakistani American mother and daughter smile at the camera. Both have long black hair and are wearing short-sleeved shirts.


    Under our current immigration system, immigrants can wait years -- even decades -- to be reunited with loved ones overseas due to visa limits and massive backlogs. 18MR partner Asian Pacific American Legal Center's (APALC) Meeran Mahmud shares her family's story. Sign our #18millionhearts immigration reform petition to show your support and affirm the importance of family-based immigration to the vitality of our American communities. Read More

  • A photograph of Sen. Mazie Hirono, wearing a blue suit on a yellow background. The text reads: '...as we're focused on employment-based immigration, we should not get tunnel vision and forget the human element of immigration. Of course I am talking about the need to expand the opportunities for families to be reunited and kept together. And this should include LGBT families. Family based immigration is essential to ensure the continued vitality of the American economy. In fact, the success of immigrants in this country is often the story of the success of immigrants with their families. I speak from personal experience being an immigrant myself.' - Senator Mazie Hirono


    With siblings and adult children with spouses potentially on the chopping block for family-based visas, there is an urgent need for decision makers to recognize how family-based immigrants conrtibute just as much to a vibrant and successful economy as hi-skilled immigrants. Karthick Ramakrishnan, director of the National Asian American Survey, points to studies showing that family-based immigrants strengthen communities through their labor, entrepreneurship, help with child care, and more. Read More

  • A fake award certificate shows Gavin McInnes's goofy face superimposed with a shining crown. The award is titled 'Lifetime Achievement Award: Hipster Racism.'


    18MillionRising.org commends 'writer' and 'comedian' Gavin McInnes for his insightful 'Tackling Asian Privilege' article -- by awarding him our Leftime Achievement Award in Hipster Racism. Join us in congratulating Gavin! Read More

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    Help tell the story of immigrant women through photos of people you love. If you have an immigrant mom (or have friends who do), you can submit a picture and description about your mom, where she lives, and something special you'd like to share about her to the 'Meet My Immigrant Mom' tumblr. Read More

  • A banner featuring five images of AAPIs. From left to right: three generations of a family of five stands outside, hugging; three sisters in saris smile at the camera; two AAPI brides smile tenderly at each other at their wedding; three generations of a family of six attend their daughter's college graduation; a Sikh American man in a turban carrying the American flag. The text reads: '#18millionhearts for fair and just immigration reform. Sign the petition. Join the campaign.

    18 Million Hearts: AAPIs for Immigration Reform

    The time has come for immigration reform. Today, 18MR and The Asian American Center for Advancing Justice launched the 18 Million Hearts campaign to lift up the voices of AAPIs in the national discussion. Stand with us and tell decision makers you want fair and just immigration reform! Read More

  • A caution road sign reads 'MENTAL HEALTH.'

    Gun Control & Mental Health: Initial Responses from AAPI Community Advocates

    18MR blog contributor and disability activist Alice Wong speaks to advocates on AAPI mental health about the (often misleading) links between mental health and gun violence, and the mental health needs specific to the AAPI community. Read More