• Immigrant families will be punished for being poor

    Trump’s DHS wants to deny immigrants from entering the U.S. or obtaining their green card. 18 Million Rising teamed up with comic artists Glenn Urieta and Keith Chow to fight Public Charge -- an attempt by the Trump administration to punish immigrant families who use programs like Medicaid and SNAP to survive. Speak out here! Read More

  • Asian American man in tan trench coat with eyes closed holds a microphone speaking passionately


    Beau Sia writes a poem showing how our communities are moving forward after Election Day Read More

  • Love Letters to Movement Leaders: Mabel Ping-Hua Lee

    As we vote on Election Day we remember Mabel Ping-Hua Lee who fought for women's suffrage despite racism and patriarchy preventing her and other women of color from becoming full citizens and voting for decades. Read More

  • Our AAPI Vote is Critical

    Asian Americans won the right to vote as American citizens in 1952 -- only 66 years ago. And it’s time to put that right into action. In this moment in history, our democracy is under attack, and our votes are critical. Read More

  • Stepping into Echoes of the Past

    After the Muslim Ban was released, people kept talking about how we won’t let history repeat itself. It’s hard to believe it when this part of American history has been easily buried. Read More

  • 18MillionRising.org and JACL tell Amazon that our history is not for sale

    18MillionRising.org and JACL ask Amazon to remove photos and items of Japanese American incarceration marketed as timeless images for home decor Read More

  • Love Letters to Movement Leaders: Larry Itliong, Philip Vera Cruz, Pete Velasco & manongs

    As we celebrate Cesar Chávez's birthday we celebrate all of you because we recognize that his legacy was made possible largely in part by the Filipino manongs of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee. Read More

  • A flier reading ICE's Virtual Dragnet and a picture of a passport

    Perpetual Foreigners in ICE's Virtual Dragnet

    As Asian Americans we know that our communities and other communities of color are going to be specifically targeted because citizenship status has never protected us from being treated like we’re enemies or foreigners. Read More